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[21 Sep 2005|11:25pm]
This just in... we are recording a 13 song EP on Sunday. For information, ckeck out motuc-mb@myspace. I can't wait for a certain Newyorker to come into town.

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[03 Jan 2005|09:05pm]
We had a our first show last night and it turned out alright. not to many people came, but that's alright, the show was put together at the last minute.
Tommarow night is at the Imperial in Jacksonville Florida. That's about it.

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man o man o man [09 Dec 2004|10:59am]
I was watching Good Morning America (don't ask) and I was shocked. This shit really upset my day. Apparently Damage Plan was playing a show in Ohio and someone got up on stage and shot Dimebag Darrel. Dimebag man,... only one of the best shredders in my generation. I remember listing to Pantera when I was like 6 back in the early 90's and always wished to play like him. And now he's dead. Man that really f****d my day up right there. I don't really know why I'm so emotional about it, it's not like I met the guy. I guess it's one of those people I used to look up to sort of thing.

On to a lighter note (get it,...lighter note...) I got practice right after my next class. Everything is sounding really tight ever since Shawn came into town. His high vocals are sick. Everything shounld go alright. Jason and Tyler from the struggle keep telling me their really looking forward to this tour in January. I am too, i just wish it would start sooner. A lot of people are coming tommarow night. I'm glad Hazcel is down, even though she hates MB which is completely understanable. I wish I had more time to see her though. I'm alawys busy with work and shcool and practice that I'm still amazed that I'm healthy and doing okay with my classes. oh...wait... I've been sick for the past week, im not making any money at work, and Dimebag just died. Man... I really hope tommarow night will kick ass, becaseu I really need a break from all of this negative vibe shit.
If I here Shane make one BIN comment...

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FRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDAY [06 Dec 2004|10:16am]
Just givin' a heads up on this Friday at the limelight.

The Knife Trade, Council of the Fallen, Reflux, and the Classic Struggle!!!

It should be rockin' good time.

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holy holy crap. [16 Nov 2004|11:21am]
This has been an amazing week for me.

Considering last week I had to move out becasue of a roomate situation, and school is actually started gaining up on me, everything is turning out okay.

Last week I saw an amazing performance from Arch Enemy. I must have nutted my pants everytime that singer opened her mouth to scream. She is so brutal live. The only bad part about that show was that Cradle of Filth just wasn't that good live. I was really disappointed in them actually.

Last night was a freaking crazy night. I got a call from Jason and the Struggle saying that Bradon's amp was still fucked so they needed to borrow mine. I was like that's cool... so i went to the sheds to get the amp and they were like,... "guess what dood, your our tech tonight, so, hears youre back stage pass.


The classic struggle, fear factory, and lamb of god... all in one night... back fucking stage man.

I got to hear fear factory's sound check and shit. Needless to say that the whole night was awsome.

Thge tour with the Classic Struggle should be ready with us soon so I was thinking of putting some dates up here in case people stumble upon it. later.

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im back [01 Sep 2004|10:17am]
school started back again...so far really easy.
Than again were still going through orientation. The simple collage life of tech. Gonna go see Slayer tonight anyone???? Well I am...even if i am broke. Peace!

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ppphhhwwww..... [23 Apr 2004|11:36am]
My English paper is done and I don't care what my proffesor has to say about it. No more corrections, im turning it in MOnday...it's over.

With that being CLEARLY STATED, not everything is going to bad. I've been playing guitar a lot,...like always. Hung out with the Struggle yesterday which was a lot of fun. Me and Jason were trying to fix steven's amp....Tube powere bro,...learn the tube power. It's not a big deel i guess to anyone but us,... but if someones using a XXX and a distortion pedal, they need to be smacked. That amp crankes, no pedal need apply.

Going to hang out with Mike and Tim tonight(unless Destiney has anything to say about it...hahahahahhaa....just kinding Mike(man if he reads this he'll be mad))


Beserker is so awsome. I skipped half of first class and Hyme and I cranked it. There stuff is so freaking amazing.

I'm losing it...later

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[21 Apr 2004|09:50am]
man o man o man'''...'''...!!!!????///|||\\\|||\\\

School is almost over.
I've been bustin' my ass with all of these damn good grades.
(needs a brake)
Might hang out with cindy or Mike tommarow.
gotto work tonight...like every f*****g night.!
Hazcel is coming soon. That's the best thing I wrote thus far.
Can't wait, i miss her lots and lots.
Got a Bobby's world key chain.
I think the band broke up, but we got a drummer trying out next week.
WEll,,,me mike and tim are still living at large.
Got to get back to English paper. bu bu by

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Spring Break?...oh yeah! [12 Mar 2004|02:17pm]
It's already been a long day and it's only 2:00. I'm just killing time before work right now. Last nights show was....great? Drew had a lot of fun and that's what mattered. Not a lotm of people showed up so it was kind of a bummer all in all. Although a lot of people are comming Monday. I was talking to Hyme today about it and we both can't wait. Show starts at 8:30 or 9:00. It's gonna be us, than Accursed Dawn, and then Lost in Spectrum. It's gonna rock baby.!!!!WHOOOAAAAA!!!!!!!ok.

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[03 Mar 2004|11:12am]
1st block was canceled today so I killed time with Hyme before next class which I precedid to fall asleep in. I'm still feeling lousy and sick.

I think Keri and Danielle are coming to practice tomarrow so that will be nice,... I hope Jerry minds his manners though...haha!!!

Were playing with our body's Accursed Dawn from Verginia(?)(Icantspell) On March 15th which is a Monday. I think lost in Spectrum is playing that show as well ao that will be a good night of metal. I'm gonna go home and see if I can knock this cold out before work tonight.

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[27 Feb 2004|11:11am]
I am so freaking tired right now
I set my alarm for 6:30 last night becasue I knew I would of had trouble getting up this morning.
I ended up actually get up and in the shower at around 7:45.
English and Psy both sucked, partially because my eyes wouldn't keep up with everything.

I had a lot of fun these past couple of days.
Monday I hung out with Taylor and Billy and had to give police identification and watched Billy almost break a window with a billiard ball.
Wendsday was a blast for me. The drive to Hartsville wasn't that bad, just a lot of wind. I had such a good time up there that I had a hard time leaving,...that was probably becasue my car had snow all over the top of it. I used my wiper to get the snow off and that didn't work... so Daneille was all like "just take the snow off with a CD case. Well after enough snow was off the wiper was still engaged from when I turned it on and off before. Pretty much, I moved the snow off my winsheild just to have it launched on me... not one of my finest moments.
Last night tured out really well with practice
I think it's officail, were playing that Jealousy Issue show so that should rock out... I hope Mike remembered to book it...

Keri will be down...today...actually... so in the next week I'd like to spend some time with her. Angel will also be back Saturday, so I need to spend time with her to... than I got practice... man., I'm really busy all of the sudden. Except today, I'm going home than asleep until work tonight. TIll next time pals!

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[21 Feb 2004|11:48pm]
I just got off of work and got bored surfing e-bay for cabinet deals. It's been an odd day and I can't wait for it to end but I'm not that tired. Mary at work got her car broken into and her 2 ten's were stolen plus the power amp. She was going crazy so we stayed until the police came.

I was looking at my picture on this lj and thought that I could use an update. THat was me freshmen year over near 3 or 4 years ago. I don't even do the whole make-up anymore and I think I look a little diffrent. I think I'm just ramblin' on. Luckily Crank Yankers is on.

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At the begging of the show the first band was all like 'everyone get up on stage and stage dive and shit'. Throughout the whole night, people were dancing and moshing and running on the stage just to jump off into everybody. THe big diffrence is that if it were anywhere else say,...the lime light... everyone would get pissed off and be bitches about. THe dancers did'nt touch anyone that was standiong there for the show,... and as brutal as it was,... if anyone fell than everyone helped out. Though I can't empasize how crazy it was. People were hanging from the ceiling fans and shit. THe Classic Struggle kicked ass and everyone went crazy. Nurish the flame and Full Blown Chaos (Although sounding a little to much like Hatebreed(New York Heavy Hardcore)) and made the place go nuts.

Me and Mike didn't get back to his house till about 4:00 so I crashed there. Woke up at 9...got home at ten...went back to sleep till 12... now here I am. I'm gonna hit the showers and get ready for work later. PEACE!!!!!!

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Just relaxing. [20 Feb 2004|12:01pm]
I got my English paper back and I made a B on it so that pretty much made my day.

I'm gearin' up for tonight's show. I got to meet Raymo at 6 at his house and then me, him, DJ, and Destiny are riding to Wilmington. Full Blown Chaos should be rockin'..Loud As BALLS!!!!!!!!

I calles Keri last night and she's really bummed out. I hope she feels better becasue I got this weird thing that if one of my freinds is really upset, it makes me upset. I love to make people happy, so I guess that's why I want her and everyone happy,,... but I know that's impossible,...but I can still hope for it.

Practice is going okay except for the usual bad stuff.

Im afraid to get my phone bill this month because I've been talking to a certain someone a little to much lately...mmmm...my bad...

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[18 Feb 2004|11:25am]
I ran out of soap.
Now I have to go to Kroger.
I hate grocery stores.
If hazcel reads this,... A guy at work said said,... "hey man...who was that chick you were talking to with the red hair at the Flick it concert?...She's pretty hot"
I was like, "Yey,... she's my ex girlfreind."

Thought you might get a kick out of that.

Friday is gonna rock in Wilmington... Classic Struggle baby!!!!!!

They said they'de give me a ride if I can't hook up with Raymo so that's cool.

Gonna see Keri next week...OH happy dayayayayay!

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On to Tuesday [17 Feb 2004|11:22am]
Work was really slow last night.
That's about it for that.

I've been reading through my last couple of Live Journals and realized I need to practice typing. WAY to many mistakes.

I found out that Angel is leaving on her school trip next Tuesday so I'll probably spend some time with her before then. Than I was planning on going to Coker (or Koker) on Wensday after school to go see Keri. (I probably need to ask her if that's cool... i'll call her!)

We got practice today and than I got to work tonight. I'm tired of working... I want to get paid for typing on lj. That would be funny. I want to change my background to. I love Coal Chamber,... but my heart is with Iron Maiden right now. That song Wasted Years makes me shed a tear everytime I listen to it. God I love that song. AAAAALLLRRRIIIGGGHHHTTTT! PEACE!!!!!!!!!

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[16 Feb 2004|11:27am]
Just got out of classes and im really tired. I got another English paper (what else is new) and the begging of another chapter in Psy. I'm gonna go home and sleep but Kaita is home for the day and my parents want to celabrate Valentines today becasue they never got to. Now I just found out that I got to work the next 3 days and I had to beg to get Friday off so i can go to Wilmington. That's gonna be a rock'in show. Alright, off to dream world.!

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oh what a glorius morning...sort of... maybe not [15 Feb 2004|10:15am]
Woke up this morning getting screamed at(long story but i deserved it...it was all in good fun...parents...such funny creatures.)

Yesterday was a trip. I was supposed to end going to lunch with Hazcel as s ort of a cheap Valentines Day thingy. WEll about 11 o clock Jason form the Classic Struggle said the really needed halp recording and the guy that was supposed to be recording them wasn't doing a good job. I went down there and *poof* a descent recording to send up to Massassachussets (Was it ithis state or Mississipie that you always put 2 es s...). It turned out to be a decent recording and it was a lot of fun. Haczel ended wanting to spend time with her mom witch is super awsome. A daughter and her mom is like an unspoken love that follows them everywhere they go. I'm a guy and me and my mom watch super troopers together. That's right moms of the world send your kid over to our house to play with Kaita, You know, kids stil won't go in my room.

Talked to Angel for a little bit yesterday like always and then went to work where I got,...JACKED-UP... It was so freakin' busy. We had at least 30 people always staning around the hostis satns from 4:30 till about 8:00. i made some money though. Talked to Keri a little/a lot/ that damn tony Stamos. Probably go up ther to see her in the next couple of weeks. "Holy Bartender....oh man that's a good one."

I got practice today and work tonight and then school tommarow. This life never runs out of breath, but it does get hand cramps.

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schools out. for . the weekend! [13 Feb 2004|12:07pm]
I got home a little while ago from school and have been killin' some time before work. I really hope I get next Friday from work so i can go to Wilmington to see the struggle and full blown chaos.

I had a lot of fun after the concert the other night. As for the concert itself,... i've seen better unsigned bands at the limelight. I know im being a jerk for saying that, but its true. It's great know becasue if you dhow a butter knife next to Raymo, he'll be quiet real quick. It's great seeing Keri. Its really cool of her to forgive and forget,... and i need a lot of forgiven.

The thing with me and Angel is still weird. It would be a lot easier to hate each other,... but since we don't and were extremly close, it makes it kind of hard. I still love her, but maybe it's not what we used to have... I don't know. I think Iron Maiden said it best "Bring Your Daughter, Bring Your Daughter, to the SLAUAUAUAUAGHTER" Actually that has nothing to do with relationships, I just really like that song.

I think that we'll be playing out pretty soon,... and I hope that time is near. We got this new song that Jerry describes as epic... I agree. Metal baby...metal...Know if you'll go excuse me, i have to go pull a Toby...get it pull .HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh i need a life.

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aaaaarrrrgggghhh [11 Feb 2004|12:11pm]
If one more person says anything about me having soft hands...

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